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House-Boat-On-Land.jpg KHR-Architects.jpg Tropic-Sun-In-Snow.jpg Taastrup-FC.jpg Old-Houses-And-Morning-Sky.jpg Xmas-Is-Over-Easter-Is-Here.jpg Zacho-Lind.jpg Rammens-Kunst.jpg St. Alban's Church shot from the water side. You can see a rail running across the image and the church i laying on the right side. To the left are some hills and way back in the middle there are chimneys, blowing smoke. Circus-Arena.jpg one end of a house. In front of the house is a tree, that has movement because of the hard wind. From the windows warm golden light is pouring out. The sky looks really dramatic and grey. a tree looking like a human torso. The tree is standing in the right part of the image and has its arms stretched towards the sky. Behind the tree water is flowing and in the middle of the image and further behind the water, you can see a church tower. Caffe Ritazza showing call kind of cakes. The whole image has a 1950 feeling to it, with vivid colors


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