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March 28, 2008 Comments (16)
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The new buildings on the left are rented by KHR Architects. On Friday 18th August 2006 the KHR architects office burned to the ground. KHR Architects worked 24 hours a day to get the company back online again.

The building are part of the old cannon boat houses and are historic. To be preserved. As you can see KHR Architects office are almost rebuild. I think that KHR Architects have already begun to use them. The building on the right belongs to the military and are slowly decaying.

Camera: Nikon D200
Focal length: 27mm
Aperture: f/5.6
Exposures: 9


Klaus on March 28, 2008 13:24

The wood and asphalt has a good structure, and well sharpened. The sky .. dramatic .. must not be always blue … well done.

Beeps and Chirps on March 28, 2008 13:39

Awesome HDR! It almost makes the new buildings look older. Cloudy sky adds to this. Nice shot!

Astrid on March 28, 2008 14:44

You have the knowledge of making these buildings look so great and weatherbeaten, love the colors, the sky for me is stunning, I love clouds, in Holland I can just sit and stare at the clouds moving by the wind, you created a great atmosphere.

Bo on March 28, 2008 14:53

Thanks all. This image is actually i milestone for me. I have been trying to get away from 16bit mode in Photoshop and with this one i actually managed to stay in 32bit mode up until the point of “saving for web”.

So if you work for Adobe: Please fix the curve tool in 32bit mode!

marietom on March 28, 2008 15:02

ce ciel chargé renforce les couleurs, c’est superbe. Marie

Naty on March 28, 2008 20:52

Muy linda imagen!, excelente calidad gráfica y cromática.


Jonas on March 28, 2008 21:20

Oh, this is superb!! The proccessing is perfect! You realy know how to work with HDRI, but I also what to commend you for a great composition. A wonderful picture, Bo!

Justin on March 28, 2008 22:07

Nice use of HDR. Not overdone but certainly noticeable.

Bo on March 28, 2008 22:14

Thanks all I actually think that i over did the processing. Its a bit too non-photo-like in my opinion. Maybe its true: one self is ones worst critic.

Klaus on March 29, 2008 01:32

Hi Bo, you know my opinion of unnatural HDR. This one is ok, realy. You stop at the Limit.

capture it, share it! on March 29, 2008 16:18

Very nice control on colors. Clouds are stunning

Andriy on March 30, 2008 00:07

Amazing HDR. Scene looks like it just came from Stalker video game.

gentse koppen on March 31, 2008 11:41


dillonpic on March 31, 2008 16:10

very nice. this is my style. i love the overcast sky.

Sean on April 2, 2008 04:59

Looks to be a very dramatic shot you’ve created. Great textures.

Denis on May 23, 2008 00:27

Impressive sky, and nice industriual architecture. I love this photograph

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