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I really do not have a particular style, or maybe i do. If i do, then i guess its a documentary style, but to be sincere I really do not know. Maybe you can tell me ?

I choose to always let the scene sort of dictate it and it seems to work for me. Often i try to impose restriction on me. Like: "Today you can only use an aperture of f/2!", or "No windows!". Anything really.

Do you wanna try some restrictions your self ? checkout our Photo Inspiraton page!

One rule i do not ever, ever break. Is quality and size. With that i mean, you will not see a photograph here that you cannot print, if you had the large size. If you want it, just ask.

You will never ever see a photograph i have cropped so much that you can only show it on screen, or print it as a stamp. Think it something that i have picked up from Robert Capa (featured below). Something about getting close enough. So any photograph here is available in large size.