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Robert Capa (born André Friedmann)

His way of conveying the suffering, and the feelings of people involved in conflicts, is something i have always admired. For his work manifesto against war, against injustice and oppression. He died as his photographic style was: "If you're pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough"

Ansel Adams

For his zone system. For those stunning landscape photographs he did.

Karl Hugo Schmölz

For his post World War II architectural shots. Fantastic!

Yousuf Karsh

My favorit portrait photographer.

But there are many others, like Robert Doisneau, Andreas Gursky, Dorothea Lange especially 'Migrant mother' and 'White Angel Breadline', Robert Lebec (his Jayne Mansfield from 1961 is still marvelous), Bettina Rehims and many, many others.

Do i follow other photo blogs? Yes, i visit a lot of different photo blogs and i make a point of always leaving a comment.