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I love film. The sound of film, the feeling of film, the way shooting film forces you to think, cause you never really know what you end up with. I still shoot with my Nikon F80 and i am often found with my Holga in my hands.

During my film days i develop a set of rules that i followed, mainly concerning the aperture setting. I mostly used these rules when shotting traditional photography, with HDR Photography they work "different".

These are my own "rules":
  • Below or equal to f/5.6 is to isolate a subject, because of the shallow depth of field.
  • Between f/8 and f/11 is when i everything is more or less at the same distance. So either shutter speed dictates the aperture or the lack of light.
  • Above f/11 is when i really want to capture sharpness through out the whole scene.

AND .. I break the above rules constantly. I especially break them when doing lowlight and nighttime HDR photography.

About a year and a half ago i bought a digital Nikon. Up until that point i have been a die hard fan of film, and im still one. I bought a Nikon D200. I simply love this camera. Everything is placed exactly where it should be. Every button is within reach (and the menu system is really easy to understand). Also you don't have to take your eye away from the viewfinder to fiddle with the most common features. Sure i would love a D3 especially for the full frame feature.