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From one of our family vacation i have a shot of my son, that i really like and i would like to have it hanging on one of our walls in the house. I have not been really happy with the colors, but i like the way his hands covers the one eye and the fact that he is looking away. One thing i didn't like was the background on the left. I think it attracts a bit to much attention. I could have shot it with a larger aperture, but i was already at f/5.6.

So this morning i woke up and realized what was missing: TEXTURES!

Before we start: This is highly subjective. I like it. You may not. Again, there are no rules as to what is right or wrong.

We are going to start with this:


And end up with this:

Textures-Done.jpg Photoshop-Layers.jpg

So how did i get to the end image? I used Photoshop and three textures that i shot outside my house. I went out and actually just shot 4 textures that i thought could be used. Its not like i have been hunting several weeks for the best ones. It took me 2 minutes to shoot the textures and it took me around 20 minutes to create the final image. Most of the time spent was actually just trying different things out. Its a creative process. There are no right and wrong. Its all up to the man (or woman) with the Photoshop at hand. Over on the right you can see how i build up the layers in Photoshop.

Remember textures can be found all over. Shoot a closeup of your wall. Your carpet. A cupboard. An old newspaper. Radiators, wires, books. Everywhere you look, there are textures.

Here are the three textures that i shot


Tutorial: Using Textures - The Layers »




Ruprect on March 1, 2008 00:28

Great tutorial!

And nice to see your site online again!

Bo on March 3, 2008 10:20

Many thanks Grue :)

Rhuder on April 15, 2008 23:27

Like the idea of using the texture with a portrait. I have lots of textures that i like to play with. I will not try them with some shots of people. Thanks for the tip and the time it took to write it. Not everyone is willing to share.

Bo on April 16, 2008 11:38

Thanks Rhuder I don’t mind sharing, especially if it help others. So - GO WILD with those textures :)

boris on May 5, 2008 22:52

This is something I have not tried yet. Good inspiration - thank you… Are you also active on ipernity? Guess I saw you there already ;-)

Theo on March 30, 2009 21:08

Hej Sadly the pictures going with your tutorials is just red crosses. Any chance that you load the pics up again?


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